Bakhoor Incense

Bakhoor Incense

Bakhoor Incense is a rich and exotic blend that smells similar to Oud. Its blend consists of a perfume base, with woodsy and musky undertones.

Bakhoor Wadadi Incense by Parfumei

Hexagon Crescent Charcoal Burner - SilverSimply stunning with filigree cross pattern and decorative gems encrusted in a delicate floral motif design

Bakhoor Resin Charcoal Incense Burner Mubkhara Hexagon Crescent Silver

Bakhoor Incense Ashek- Al.Oud - 30 GM by Almas Perfume, Beautiful Smelling Popular Oudh, Gentle to Burn and Slow to Release , Scent Lasts All Day

Bakhoor - The Luxurious Scent - The Scent Blog, Amir Oud

Assorted Bukhoor (بخور) / Mu'attar fragrances which come in beautiful boxed container. Available in different elegant smells, select 1 or try all.

High Quality Boxed Incense / Bakhoor (Assorted)

Each 40g bakhoor is shaped like chocolate and can be broken off into 9 squares and then crushed and placed on a burner. The bakhoor is available in 7

Nabeel Bakhoor 40gm Incense Bukhoor Squares Mamoul Incense

Buy Asli Bakhoor Incense Sticks Online

Bakhoor Incense from Oman local made 2 different types

Arabian Bakhoor Incense Burner

Ameer Al Oud Bakhoor (Incense) 40Gr – Al Firdaws

Nabeel Bakhoor Musk Al Khamis

Mini Bakhoor Qiasaty Incense by Nabeel (36gm)

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